4 Money-Saving Tips For Getting A Graduation Bouquet

Aside from a warm hug and a sweet congratulatory message, a graduation bouquet makes an excellent gift for a fresh alum. Giving someone a floral arrangement on the day of their commencement exercises will remind them of their academic achievements and let them know that you are with them while celebrating this milestone.

But before you shop for a graduation bouquet, have you ever wondered why people give flowers to their loved ones who recently completed their educational endeavours?

Why People Give Graduation Bouquets

People adore giving gifts on special occasions. Whenever someone is celebrating their birthday, their friends and family give them presents like cakes, apparel, or accessories. Couples commemorating their wedding day exchange presents like jewellery or anniversary flowers in Singapore. But is there any reason why everyone likes giving various items to the people close to them?

Gift-giving has various cultural and social meanings, but it ultimately allows individuals to build and maintain connections. Moreover, offering someone a graduation bouquet is an act of expressing emotions about their educational achievements—strengthening the bond they share. But how did these floral arrangements become a staple present during graduations?

Floral arrangements were popular gifts for graduates due to their availability and significance. People used graduation bouquet arrangements to show how proud they are of their children, siblings, spouses, or friends for completing their degrees and taking one step closer to achieving their dreams. These blooms also help them communicate their love and appreciation to their loved ones while wishing them luck in their future endeavours.

How To Save Money When Getting Graduation Bouquets

Despite being a brilliant gift, graduation bouquet arrangements are often expensive. Flower shop owners sell these bouquets for steep prices to compensate for the trouble and expenses they have to cover to give you fresh yet fragile blooms.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to save money when buying a rose, hydrangea, daisy, or sunflower graduation bouquet in Singapore. Scroll through to learn tips to help you minimise the cost of your delicate, fragrant, and visually-appealing graduation gift.1. Opt For Seasonal Blooms

Like when getting anniversary flowers, choose florals that are in season when buying a graduation bouquet. Aside from having a more affordable price, these blooms will last longer than those thriving in different weather conditions.

2. Choose Smaller-Sized Bouquets

While giving your loved one a massive floral arrangement on their graduation day can be tempting, you should opt for a small bouquet to save costs. Doing so will also allow you to buy other presents or get services like same day flower delivery in Singapore.

3. Watch Out For Discounts And Promos

Many florists offer promotions that allow customers like you to get discounts or freebies. Some flower shops can even give you a free shipping voucher that you can use on your next order—like when you decide to get their birthday flower delivery in Singapore. Keep your eyes peeled for these promos to save costs when buying a graduation bouquet.

4. Buy Bouquets In Bulk

Aside from special promos, your florist can offer discounts if you buy multiple floral arrangements. By shopping for multiple graduation bouquet arrangements for every recent graduate you know, you will not only save money but also preserve your time and effort.

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