4 Ways to Vacation in Style 

For stylish fashionistas everywhere, it is simply not enough to pack normal shorts, t-shirts, and strappy vest tops when going on vacation.

Instead, from the moment you lock the front door and head out to the airport, sunglasses on and bags in hand, your vacation begins, and as such, style should be at the forefront of your mind.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn the top four ways to vacation in style. 

  • Consider Booking in the Off Season

If you are looking to spend a fortnight or more in a luxury, five-star hotel on a beautiful Greek island, for example, you should visit in the off-season to enjoy a high-end and ultra-relaxing vacation. 

Just a selection of the most impressive benefits of off-season vacations include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • More tantalizing food due to a richer and more diverse climate
  • Traveling around the Christmas period makes for a fabulous experience 
  • More room and space in the hotel and surrounding amenities
  • Impressive skies and vistas as the weather changes 
  • Pack Specific Outfits If you are planning to go on a surfing trip make sure you pack the best board shorts, as they will come super handy on the beach or island

Rather than hitting the shops and purchasing a plethora of tops, dresses, and other new items of clothing ready for your vacation, you should instead look to pack specific and pre-organized outfits.

As a general rule, pack enough outfits for an entire change of clothes each evening, even if you do not intend to do so each night, and focus on accessories. A great way to keep the weight of your luggage down is to wear heavier items of jewelry and hats onto the plane instead of having them in your suitcase. Think about what items you can slip into your hand luggage as well to free up space in your big suitcase. 

  • Book Airport Transfers

Another important way to elevate your vacation to the next level is to contact premier minicabs and book ahead for a luxurious transfer to the airport.

Additionally, when you come to arrive at your vacation destination, be sure to book airport transfers directly to your hotel, negating the need to wander around the entire site looking for the nearest bus service to the resort. 

When it comes to booking your flights, there is no denying that traveling first class, especially on long-haul flights, is the most luxurious and stylish way to fly. Still, it is also possible to book upgrades into business class too, which can be considerably cheaper than you may think. 

  • Research Day Trips & Tours Beforehand

Finally, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply attending that morning meeting on the first day of your vacation, whereby your tour guide goes through with you and the rest of the new arrivals the amenities at the hotel and the offered day trips, you can save a considerable amount of money if you book them yourself. 

Pre-booking trips, especially ones that take an entire day, whilst you are still at home, will allow you to compare prices and itineraries to find the best deal for you and save you a considerable amount of money. 


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