5 reasons why you should consider buying Irish jewelry


Whether you’re buying a gift for a family member or you’re considering proposing to your partner and want to be able to give them something totally unique, you may want to consider the benefits of Irish jewelry. Below, we’ve put together just some of the many reasons why…

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Something different

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people are turning to Irish jewelry is because they want to stand out from the crowd and wear something a little bit different. Though traditional Irish jewelry and designs like the Claddagh ring have grown in popularity in recent years, they are still considerably less popular than some of the high street players like Pandora and Tiffany whose designs go in and out of fashion depending on the season. Opting for jewelry with more depth and meaning will allow you to demonstrate to the recipient that you care.

Pays tribute to their roots

Another reason why people enjoy Irish jewelry is that it allows them to pay tribute to their roots. Many Americans have Irish blood in them, and so being able to display that as a fashion statement is a great way to bring people together and indeed celebrate their history and their family tree. You may decide to have a ring engraved with their mother’s maiden name or even opt for a Claddagh ring and matching wedding cup for a complementary gift.

Steeped in history

Next up, let’s talk about the history of each piece of jewelry. There are thousands of jewelers downers grove il around the world creating pieces from scratch, but knowing their history is important before you buy. We’ve put together three of our favorites for you to consider when buying a piece:

  • The Celtic harp, known as Cláirseacht in Irish, is one of the most recognizable symbols in the country. The square harp requires great skill to play, and the wire strings are supposedly designed to represent the arms of the king. Back in Celtic times, kings had their own resident harpist to play music to entertain guests, and so displaying a harp around a neck represents the love of Ireland and indeed music.
  • The Celtic cross is another popular symbol found on Irish jewelry, a form of a Christian cross that emerged out of the middle ages. The old legend tells of St. Patrick seeing a standing stone imprinted with a circle, the symbol of the moon goddess, and blessing it with a Latin cross, creating the iconic symbol we all know.
  • The Trinity Knot is another symbol commonly found on Iirhs jewelry, introduced many centuries ago in an Irish monastery. The symbol is commonly found in Ireland, appearing on stained glass windows, monuments, and manuscripts in the country.

Supporting independent jewelers

Finally, buying a piece of traditional Irish jewelry allows you to support independent jewelers rather than buy the same ring or necklace that you could find in any other shop. Many Irish jewelers craft every piece from scratch and have it hallmarked in the country so you can be sure of its authenticity and have confidence that you’ve purchased a quality piece of jewelry.

There you have it – just some of the reasons why you should consider buying a piece of Irish jewelry. Do you have any other tips? Let us know on social media and check back for more.

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