5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Nursing Bed


If you are starting a care home, the one thing you will probably want to invest in is a bit of specialist equipment, among which is nursing beds. However, unlike your typical bed, nursing beds are made for the safety and comfort of nursing patients. The following five things should be considered when shopping for a nursing bed.

1. Distance from the Floor

There are two basic types of nursing beds when it comes to the distance from floor. Some have an adjustable height and others are the comfortable average height which most patients can get in and out of easily. When you shop for medical supplies for nursing homes take the time to compare beds but if you are going to care for more than one patient, you might want to consider buying the kind that allows you to place patients in a bed at the right height for them without struggling.

2. Ability to Apply Guardrails

Not all nursing beds come equipped with side rails, but these can be purchased separately if need be. Guardrails can be raised at night to keep patients from rolling out and then let down in the day so that they can get in and out easily. They can also be useful for grabbing onto when getting repositioned in bed.

3. Type of Mattress

Believe it or not, those memory foam mattresses are not great for elderly patients or those who have trouble turning in bed. They take a lot of strength to get repositioned and are equally difficult to get in and out of. It takes a lot of strength to push up and away from the foam that allows them to sink comfortably into the mattress. The good old-fashioned mattresses with inner springs are best suited for most patients and you will find that they may need less help manoeuvring in bed or getting in and out.

4. Size of Bed

Most nursing beds are twin size and so you will find most linens for these beds to be in a twin bed size. However, some beds and mattresses come in extra length for taller people so these may be available to you as well. For the most part, however, you will find the standard nursing bed is a twin bed.

5. With or Without Wheels

A bed on wheels has several advantages, among which is the ease at which you can get under the bed to sweep and mop the floor. You can simply roll it out of the way to complete your task and when you are done, roll it back into position. Just don’t forget to put the wheels in locked position so that when your patient is trying to get back into the bed it doesn’t roll away from under them. Nasty falls can happen that way.

These are just five of the things to consider when shopping for a nursing bed but the one other thing you may want to do is verify if there is enough room under the bed to fit a rolling bed or laptop tray. Many of your patients may not be ambulatory, so they will probably spend much of their time in bed. With a nursing bed that is adjustable and a good height from the floor, it makes it easier when they do want to get up for a shower or some time to spend in common areas.

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