5 Tips For Shopping in Hatton Garden


Hatton Garden is well-known as a hub for luxury jewelry and accessory pieces. If you are stepping out for a treat day or a shopping experience, and are in the market for a new watch or the perfect necklace, Hatton Garden is easily where you need to be. It is an area filled with history and relevance and remains a much-loved epicenter for small businesses and beyond to this day. So if you are going shopping in Hatton Garden and need some tips for handling the day, read on for five helpful pointers.

Research is Key

You can’t start a shopping day, regardless of the location, without researching it first. Knowing which shops are where will make it easier and smoother instead of a disjointed day with little agenda. It is okay to go here for the experience, but Hatton Garden has a lot to offer and tends to be a niche excursion. Whether you want Hatton garden watch dealers or something else entirely, it’s beneficial to have an understanding of the stores and what’s on offer. 

Diamonds Feature Heavily

Some say this place is the diamond centre of the city (and the country), and it’s not far from the truth. Diamonds definitely feature heavily here, and why wouldn’t they given the high presence of luxury jewelry and affiliated items? There are, in fact, just about 300 businesses that focus on jewelry in some way or another, and a big selection of these will feature diamonds!

There is a Strong Independent Business Vibe

Hatton Garden is all about community. Some of the many business premises around here have been owned by the same family for decades and decades. This is all a part of what makes the area special and appealing. It is also what makes it an expert in a number of areas and filled with trade people who care and who know what they’re selling to their customers. 

Get to Know The Opening Times

Checking the opening times is essential. Though most businesses operate under standard trading hours, some have a more flexible opening and closing routine. To avoid disappointment, for instance, if the main store you were hoping to visit ends up closed when you get there, always double-check online when you can visit and browse. Some jewelers like to keep appointments for their clients, so it is always worth knowing this beforehand too.   

Plan Your Route 

Of course, such a popular shopping district can become quite busy from time to time. If you don’t fancy crowds, try to visit at a non-peak time to take advantage of a quiet moment. Make sure you research how to get here, as there are a few different options depending on where you’re coming from. The nearest tube is Farringdon and there are a number of bus routes that take you into the area too. You can walk, if you fancy, or take a cab as well. 

Hatton Garden is one of the best zones for sourcing fine jewellery, watches, and other accessories too. It is a small business-focused, boutique area that welcomes thousands and thousands of shoppers every week. Plan your trip right! 

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