Benefits of Customer-Fitted Inserts for Dress Shoes


Who hates to wear their dress shoes all the time because they are so uncomfortable?  That is a question asked many times when people are getting dressed up to look their best at their professional type job.  Most people do not realize that you can add insoles and inserts that better support each step when wearing dress shoes. 

No insole or arch support

Most dress shoes come with only one layer of padding with no arch support or insole.  While these shoes look good when in the office, your shoes are not bringing you the support needed while wearing them. This leaves you with feet that are aching by the end of a long day, so this is where custom inserts for dress shoes come in handy. 

Slim profile

Office or dress shoes have insoles featuring a slim profile and are created to provide comfort as well as arch support without using much room so your dress shoes tend to be very tight-fitting.   But there are things that can help these shoes feel better on your feet including:

  • Custom insoles;
  • Custom inserts;
  • Arch supports.


Each custom dress shoe inserts or insoles begins with an evaluation of your foot.  By observing how you walk and stand this leads to comfortable Solelytics dress shoe inserts.  Then by using a podoscope, precisely where you put pressure on your feet when standing is measured. 

Custom insoles

This all leads to a custom insole that fits perfectly into your shoe.  Each insert has been molded to your individual foot.  Most people do not know that your right and left foot are both unique so custom insoles are designed one for the right and one for the left foot. And you will immediately notice the difference on how the insoles fit your feet so that your dress shoes give you the best all-round support. 

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