Best Fabrics for your Nightwear

Nighties, nightgowns or nightdresses. Call them what you might, they are the most popular choice of sleepwear all over the world. Though PJs fast seem to be becoming a very popular choice of nightwear, it’s going to be a few years before nighties are dethroned.

So, if you have decided to get yourself a nighty, you might be wondering what fabric your nighty should be made of. Below, we have listed all the possible fabrics nighties are made out of, highlighting what they do well. Choose accordingly!

Cotton nighties – Cotton is soft, light, airy and very breathable. It’s very gentle on the skin as well. Cotton nighties are by far the best choice of fabric for people all over the world. However, there are some things they don’t do well. For example, they don’t wick away moisture well. If you sweat at night, polyester is a much better choice. Also, cotton doesn’t protect you well against the cold. It doesn’t have any insulating characteristics. But, if you have sheets or a quilt to keep you warm, this shouldn’t be much of a worry for you. Shop cotton nighties here.

Silk – Silk is brilliant in the sense that it can keep you both warm and cool. During winters, it helps you stay warm. But, when summer rolls around, it can insulate you against the cold. But, pure silk nighties are quite expensive. And, there are a lot of fake silk products that won’t offer the dual-thermoregulating properties that real silk does. Silk is also difficult to wash and will often need dry cleaning.

Bamboo – Bamboo nighties have become quite popular over the last 5 years or so. They feel incredibly soft and comforting. Unlike cotton, they do a very good job at wicking away moisture. And, another advantage they have over cotton is that they don’t release lint. They are great for those with allergies. It’s also an eco-friendly fabric if that is important to you.

Wool or Fleece – Choose this fabric only if you feel cold even under sheets. While they may initially feel warm and comforting, they can get stuffy as you sleep through the night. They have also been known to be a little itchy in nature. Because they don’t let air breathe in and out of your night, they can make you sweat.

When buying ladies nighties, also make sure that the fabric is made with quality workmanship. Nighties with loose threads or improperly finished hem lines can irritate your skin at night, waking you up. Sizing is also very important. When in doubt, it is advisable to buy a size up as loose is better than a tight or snug fitting nighty. If your nightie is a bit too big, throw it in the dryer for an extra dry cycle or two and it might just shrink down to then perfectly fit you.

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