Beyond Grooming: Biggest Male Beauty and Personal Care Trends in Malaysia


The beauty industry has progressed in time, breaking stereotypes and female-centered aesthetics. Men’s grooming and personal care are being normalized as opposed to the myth of distinct differences between their counterpart’s standards. There is an increase in demand involving male products in the market.

As a response, the beauty and cosmetics business brands in Malaysia adapted to the new necessity. Establishments introduced new and innovative commodities exclusively of males. Though there is no definite concept of “men’s beauty,” consumers tend to purchase what they need based on their knowledge, preferences, and market’s appeal. Here we gather the biggest male beauty and personal care trends in the country.

Market Overview: Men’s Category

Gender norms and mainstream cosmetics are outdated. Successful brands consider the trends of new generations, implying inspirations and discontinuing decades-old perspectives.

Globally, there is a major shift in the men’s grooming category. Beauty trends started targeting male consumers to increase sales. The segment comprises male cosmetics, manscaping, and general dressing. Cosmetics brands, personal care establishments, and other beauty firms in buy sell business networks anticipate higher demand and production of products as the trend continually arises.

Grooming eCommerce

According to Euromonitor International, a logistics network providing data and statistics for business scales and references, there was an 8% increase in the men’s grooming market of Malaysia. The market foresees an annual 9% growth, expecting MYR 1.57 billion by 2023. This includes the consumption of the following:

  • Bath and shower
  • Hair and skincare
  • Deodorants and shaving products
  • Fragrances and other toiletries

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Multipurpose Makeup and Personal Care in Men’s Section

Grooming in modern times requires it to be short and simple. That is why beauty brands and establishments introduced products that are a collection of multipurpose ingredients, giving them the best results. Multifunctional makeup products have been gaining popularity as this concept influences a consumer’s transitioning positively.

Cosmetic scientists and beauty enthusiasts innovate products that serve second to third functions, proving it to be achievable while lessening steps of general grooming. This includes:

  • BB cream with skincare advantages
  • Two-in-one body wash or shampoo
  • Silicone-free conditioners
  • Lotions and hair shine enhancer with secondary functions
  • Colorless powders and petroleum jelly

Advanced Skin Care and Anti-Ageing Products

According to dermatologist Corey Hartman, M.D., a member of the Men’s Health Advisory Board, men are subjected to extrinsic factors that cause aging skin. Discoloration and sagging skin are the most prevalent. Fortunately, anti-aging products are a great investment. It reduces fine lines, tired skin while renewing the parts of the skin you groom. From creams to serums, these products are competitive in the market since many brands and establishments show status distinctness.

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