Characteristics & Relevance of Gold Mangalsutra in Indian Culture


Among the various elements that make up an Indian wedding, the gold mangalsutra stands out. It is said to be fortunate. Partners and their relatives devote energy to exploring the perfect wedding ornaments like engagement rings, necklaces, etc. When it concerns purchasing, people do not give this gem the care it needs to explore its different latest styles available in the market.

 Its relevance in Indian culture:

  1. Planning to invest a little effort in learning the historical value of the mangalsutra. It is an item that a guy wears across the neck of a girl during a Hindu ceremony. This jewelry represents the women’s married state. According to Hindu customs, every wedded woman must have it. The metal represents Devi Parvati, while the black beads represent Lord Shiva. It symbolizes husband and wife have an unbreakable tie like Lord Shiva-Parvati had.
  2. It indicates a Hindu wedding in India. After marriage, the women need to carry the mangalsutra for the duration of their marriage, since it is a belief to improve the luck and health of their loved ones and spouse. Some professional women in offices do not appreciate wearing customary Indian ornaments, especially mangalsutras, to the workplace. Selecting the mangalsutra that may be worn with any attire is a good solution.

III. It is often a black embellished string constructed from a lightweight gold cord. The gold cords and black pearls are there to eliminate the irritating sensations. It absorbs negative energy before it hits the family. It works as a spiritual shield of marriage against any harm.

Now lets us study some of the following characteristics while selecting a gold mangalsutra:

1) Cord Possibilities

Its cords come in unique patterns as gold bands with innovative styling. Also, the thickness of the jewels might change.

2) Clip

The clip is the metallic component to contact with your fingertips every moment that enables you to put on or take off the mangalsutra. It must be the grip of good quality else the poor grips might shatter or cause wearing and removing the mangalsutra concern.

3) Style of the locket  

It is possible to pick either historical or modern gold mangalsutra that has hundreds of innovative alternatives available on the digital platform.

4) Appearance of a Thin Layer of gold

The tone of metallic gold often depends on the preference of personal choice as yellow, white, or rose gold-tone available in the market.

5) Dimensions

Determine the total length of the mangalsutra cord. In certain traditions, its string must be lengthy sufficient to ensure that its locket should conceal. Bands can range from 24 to 36 inches in length.


Indian weddings are full of events like decorations, food, and dress. Hindu weddings represent Indian lifestyles and customs. A gold mangalsutra is an essential element of wedding jewelry among others. You must consult the future bride about her mangalsutra design preferences as it is the emergence of a dawn of a new life, a new journey for the bride.


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