Considering Portable Playpens for Your Baby? Look into These Factors Before Buying One


Playpens come in a variety of colors and designs. It ensures a safe place for your baby to play in and sleep while you are busy. They come in many different models with a range of features to choose from. You can choose them depending on the size of your rooms and there are also portable ones that you can take outdoors. 

So here are some factors to look into before buying one for your child:


  • Weight and size: If you are traveling by any vehicle other than a car then carrying a large playpen can be a nightmare. Weight is really a key factor to look into while buying one. Large and heavy playpens might cause you trouble while packing and using them on travels. Lightweight, compact but not too small playpens are ideal for children.



  • Padding: Both the base and the sides of a playpen should be padded with soft comfortable cushioning. A playpen needs to have good cushioning as it helps to ensure the safety of your child but too much of it may make the playpen bulky and heavy. Thus, finding one with the right amount of padding is necessary.



  • Materials and structure: Most playpens are made of wood and steel because they are for stationary use, which makes them heavy, but portable playpens are made of metal, fabric, and plastic, thus making them lightweight but also durable.


  • Climbing ability: If the walls of a playpen are short, then there is a risk of your active baby to climb out of it. They should at least be a foot longer than your baby standing right up. Round padded walls also help in keeping the infant trying out an adventurous escape. 



  • Sanitation: An easy way to keep your baby healthy is to choose a playpen that is easy to clean. A clean playpen can easily boost and protect the immune system of your baby. Babies tend to lick their surroundings and an easy to clean playpen will ensure the health of your child. 



  • Miscellaneous features: Modern portable playpens come with a wide range of other important features such as a canopy, detachable lids, nets, and wheels. Playpens with canopy and detachable lids are useful when outdoors and having a wheel makes it easier to move. 


PinkiBlue Portable Playpens for Babies come in an array of options as per your requirements and budget.

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