Differences Between Trekking Shoes And Trail Running Shoes


The different types of footwear needed for trekking and other outdoor activities are always at the center of many discussions: what is the most suitable shoe for hiking ? What characteristics should it have? And above all, what are the differences compared to other types of footwear?

The world of outdoor shoes is varied and very complex, for this reason it is easy to get confused and make the wrong choice: to help you select the right solution for you, today we talk about the difference between hiking and trail running shoes ! Do you also use one pair of shoes for both of you? This choice could involve several risks. Learn to match the right shoe to every activity trail running shoes for women.

There is a difference between trekking shoes and running shoes, Shoes must support agile movements and, at the same time, protect the foot from lurking dangers. You can buy the best shoes from here-

Trail running shoes: characteristics

Let’s start with the characteristics of trail running shoes , also called “trail”. But first let’s focus on the characteristics of this sport: as we mentioned in a previous article , it is an “offroad” race that, unlike running, is not practiced on the road and asphalt, but deviates towards dirt, extreme mountain terrain. , steep and inaccessible.

Shoes must support agile movements and, at the same time, protect the foot from lurking dangers. For this reason, the perfect footwear is aerodynamic, light and snappy, but also resistant and protective.

To help you orient yourself in the purchase of your trail shoes , here is a list of all the features that cannot be missing:

The sole must protect the foot from damage and ruinous falls, so it must have good friction with the ground and thick and hard knobs that allow it to harpoon the ground and not make you slip, especially when you go downhill.

The reinforced toecap is important to protect the toes in case of sudden contact with obstacles or other unforeseen events.

The material that makes up the upper must be resistant to abrasion, without ever losing sight of its fundamental task of welcoming and wrapping the foot to give it the greatest possible comfort.The lacing of this type of shoe is very important, there are many patents born in recent years, in fact, the important thing is that it goes low enough towards the tip of the foot to allow a precise bandage that does not stress only the high instep. , this is because during the activity the foot cannot slide forward and hit the toe of the shoe, especially downhill, strongly compromising the well-being of the nails!

The forefoot can be more constrained or more comfortable depending on the type of running you have to face, generally it forces your foot to suffer a little more during races where you are more focused on performance than on protection.

Also with regard to the cushioning of shoes, there may be variations based on the activity to be faced, more protective and stable or lighter, faster and more sensitive.


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