Easy Ways to Accessorize Your swimwear like a celebrity


Nothing is better than receiving a new bathing suit ready to go, so you can explore the oceans, pools, and other places. Bathing suits allow us to express our individuality and fashion.

Celebrities and fashion icons have popularized the idea of accessorizing bathing suits. There have been necklaces, body jewelry and fake tattoos. It’s pretty cool, we can’t deny.

Here are seven simple ways to elevate your bathing suit accessories game.

  1. Sun Hats

Sun hats are making a big comeback in this year’s fashion. Many magazines featured models wearing one-pieces that were so large they couldn’t fit onto a bus. Sun hats can be a great way for you to elevate your bathing suit game, as well as protecting your skin and part of your bathing suit from the damaging sunrays.

  1. Summer Scarves

Scarves aren’t just for winter, who said? In 2020, summer scarves will be a common poolside accessory. This is why it is so important to grab a few now.

  1. Long necklaces

The ones that reach below your chest are the best. In recent years, layered necklaces have become a popular design trend. It’s worth adding a few to your collection this year. They can be worn with almost any type of bathing suit. You can also check for water balls to play games in the swimming pool, you can get it from here-

  1. Staple Cover Ups:

Bold cover-ups are beginning to make a comeback in the spotlight. This is something you should seriously think about for 2020. You can playfully show off your suit in all the right ways, from sleeveless to full-sleeve top turtleneck.

  1. Head Scarves

There is nothing cuter than a messy bun tied with perfection and a head scarf around it. This is a great way of adding color, texture and patterns to your outfit, especially if it’s an opaque suit.

  1. Belts and shorts

A pair of jean or white shorts with a big, loose beach belt looks great. A bikini top and a big, loose beach belt will make you look amazing from far.

  1. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have become a rage. Every designer has their own take on the bucket-hat, making it more accessible and a part of streetwear culture. They are also great for blocking the sunrays.

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