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Paranda is one of the important and eye-catching accessories worn by Punjabi women on special occasions. It gives a more appealing look to the braid. The upper tassels are amalgamated with the hair then made a braid which is loved by all not just in India but all over the world. The hanging tassels which are available in diverse colors are generally attached with the stones and Ghungroos that look beautiful. 

Origin and History

Many people get confused when they hear the term ‘Paranda’. Very less is known about this prominent Punjabi accessory. For those who are not aware of its origin and its history, Paranda belongs to Punjab which was specially made to make the hair look good. As it is a hair accessory, it was worn regularly by women to embellish their hair in the past. Why it is made a mandatory accessory for married women and who made this wow accessory is not known. 

Nowadays, there are various places where Pandas are made. Previously, only some of the places were into making designer Parandas. In addition, certain colors were available in Parandas. Due to the increasing demand for Parandas by people worldwide, it is now available in a wide range of colors. 

Paranda is a token of love that generally married women love to wear after getting married. As per the Punjabi tradition, married women dance wearing colorful Paranda to mesmerize their husbands.  

Buy Punjabi Parandi Online

We know Punjab has a rich history and culture that includes a lot of different traditional jewelry, food items, clothes and other accessories. Due to the migration of Punjabi people from their motherland to other places, traditional Punjabi jewelry is in heavy demand over the globe. This is the main reason that people love to buy Parandas online even in Canada and other countries too. 

What are the Different Types Of Paranda Available Online?

Well, there are numerous types of Parandas available in the stores as well as online too. However, what are the trendy Paranda and which would suit an individual or which paranda would be best for a specific occasion are some of the questions that keep the things difficult to choose for everyone? Don’t worry!! Read the points given below to get the answers to these questions.

  • Buy Multiple Color Pranada

If you are not sure that particular color would suit you, then multi-color Parandi would be the best to choose. It can go with any color Punjabi Suit and even with Lehenga too. 


  • Buy Heavy Golden Color Paranda Online

If you love heavy Parandi then golden color parandi is best to opt for any Punjabi function. Usually, the heavy suits or partywear suits have golden embroidery that requires golden-colored hair accessories. These parandis could be the best to match even on traditional dance competitions too like Bhangra or Gidda.


  • Buy Mirror Work Parandi with Ghungroo

Apart from the Punjabi suits, mirror work is in heavy demand for other women’s accessories too. To illustrate, people are getting mad for Sheesha jewelry. To give wider options to the customers Amazel Designs are providing mirror Parandi embellished with Ghungroos. 


  • Buy Red Paranda at Affordable Price

Red is believed to be more auspicious. This is the reason every accessory or Punjabi outfits presented in the Shagun to the bride-to-be is generally in red. Are you looking for a Parandi for the Shagun ceremony? If yes, then you should buy a Punjabi Paranda in red color. 

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