Five Ways of Spotting Fake Yeezy Slides


As soon as Yeezy slides hit the market in December 2019, they became a hit. Their debut colorway, ultra-plush injected EVA foam, and boning were some hard-to-miss, customer favorite features. 

Due to their popularity, there is no surprise that fake Yeezy slides have come into the market, too. These faux slides are designed to mimic the look and even feel like the originals, making it utterly impossible for the consumers to distinguish. 

So, today find out a few tips that will help you differentiate the real Yeezys from the fake ones easily. 

1- Do a visual check 

Although the Yeezy slide’s design is quite straightforward, faux versions still don’t get it right. 

To determine the fake ones, start by inspecting the “teeth” at the bottom. The real Yeezy slides have sharp teeth placed closely, but the fake ones have smooth and spaced farther teeth. The peak of the shoe’s strap has softer, smaller points, but the fake ones have larger, sharper issues. 

For distinction, there are irregular lines on the heels and are much more pronounced than the knock-off ones.  

2- Check the logo

Now check for the Adidas logo on the footbed. In the real Yeezys, the logo is imprinted quite profoundly into the EVA foam and has sharp contrast. 

The knock-off Yeezys tend to have the same logo but are a little more shallow and not easily visible. Some manufacturers may even make it asymmetrical due to mass production.

3- Look inside the slides

If you hold your genuine pair of Yeezy Slides, you can easily find the words “Yeezy” imprinted on the underside of the strap. Just beneath the brand name, the size of the shoe is also printed. 

This font usually appears in three dimensions and appears sinking into the upper. Fake ones do not have either of these things. Also, take time to find the sizing label. The sticker will be glued in the underside of the slide’s strap and is detailed with size and country-specific metrics, such as:

  • US
  • UK
  • FR
  • CHN
  • JP

4- Scan the barcode

You can also scan the barcode to determine the authenticity of the products using several mobile applications. The app will take seconds to check against the codes associated with real Yeezys. See if you find the match there!

5- Avoid the defects

We know the importance of saving a few bucks, but it is important to see what you get with the fake ones. 

These slides may look realistic but won’t last you as expected for the bucks you paid. 

Signing off

These are some tried and tested ways of distinguishing the real Yeezys from the fake ones. Use these tips to prevent you from being duped when purchasing new Green Yeezy Slides.

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