Guide to Choose the Best Custom Blazer Buttons


Many men know how to wear their blazer. They can do this even if they are unsure of how to perfectly match every piece in their wardrobe with little to no help, or how to choose the jacket that best suits them all by themselves.

The truth is that blazers are not really as simple as what you might think. In fact, even those tiny things such as the buttons you have on your jacket, particularly if you are having a custom blazer made just for you featuring custom blazer buttons at, can already make a big difference in your overall appearance. These buttons will also affect the things you can wear together with your blazer.

Read on below to learn some of the rules when it comes to blazers and the great impact of their buttons on your wardrobe.

How to Pick Your Blazer Buttons

Deciding on what blazer buttons to use is different from choosing the materials to use for your blazer. Many men simply rely on their tailor and trust them to select the specific buttons to add to their blazer.

However, if you would rather choose the buttons for your blazer on your own, you have to be familiar with basic types that will work best for you. While there are lots of blazer button options out there, you just need to be familiar with a few of them.

Common Button Materials

The following are the most common materials used for blazer buttons.

  • Horn buttons
  • Plastic buttons
  • Mother of Pearl buttons
  • Brass tacks
  • Heavy metal

All of these different materials have their own unique features and their own set of pros and cons. Being familiar with their traits and characteristics can help you ensure that you will pick the right material for your blazer buttons.

How to Button Your Blazer the Right Way

Every time you fasten your blazer buttons, it is a must that you leave undone that lower button. The blazer button on the top must be fastened when you are standing up and left unfastened whenever you sit down.

The Double-Breasted Blazers

It was not until several years ago when double-breasted suits came back to life once again. It seems that designers are starting to bring them back today though, and sooner or later, you can expect to see average, everyday men wearing them.

If you like to get a good head start of this trend, or if you have always been a big fan of double-breasted blazers, it is still important that you button yours properly. The traditional 6 x 2 and 4 x 2 button styles are quite simple.

The top button should be fastened and the bottom button must be left undone. You will get the perfect fit this way and you can also be sure that your double-breasted blazer won’t look too stuffy.

Keep these things in mind the next time you shop for custom blazer buttons for your favorite blazers!

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