How to Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size: A Complete Guide


Without even noticing, you’ve fallen in love with your girlfriend. She’s your partner, your best friend, and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You’ve decided that you want to propose, and you’ve eagerly started planning the event. You have some ideas of where and when you want to do it, but you still have to pick out the ring.

Even if you have an idea of what kind of style she might like, you’re not sure how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size.

While you can get most rings resized at a later time, you want the proposal to be a perfect moment, and having a ring that fits is part of that. For some tips to discover the right band size for your girlfriend, read this guide.

Average Ring Sizes

To begin your search for the right ring size without arising proposal suspicions from your partner, consider some average statistics.

The average woman stands at around five feet and four inches tall, and the most common ring sizes are between a five and a seven.

Now, their height and weight play a factor that can sway from these averages. For example, being taller or thinner may require a smaller ring size.

It might also be relevant to note that the dominant hand is frequently a bit larger than its counterpart. So if you know whether your girlfriend is righthanded or lefthanded can also help you estimate the right ring size.

Check Her Jewelry

You can also use your girlfriend’s current jewelry to determine an estimate of her ring size.

Take note of any rings that she likes to wear, but make sure that she wears them on her left ring finger. If you measure for the wrong finger, the ring size may not be correct.

Now, there a couple of ways you can measure your girlfriend’s ring size from the jewelry she already owns.

You can slide it down your own finger and mark where it stops. You can also trace it on a piece of paper or compare it to a printout of a ring size chart.

These are not always accurate, but it can give you a good idea of what general sizes to look for.

If you’re feeling more crafty, you can make an imprint of the ring in something like soap or wax. Just be sure to clean off all wax or soap residue before returning the ring to the jewelry box.

These measurements can help a jeweler work with you to find the right size for the engagement band.

Consult Friends and Family

If you’re not sneaky enough to borrow one of her rings, you can always turn to her family and friends. It’s possible that her mom or her best friends will know her ring size if they’ve ever shopped for jewelry together.

Or, if they don’t already know your girlfriend’s band size, they might be able to figure it out with more stealth than you can.

Make sure that you’re comfortable with letting them know about your plans to propose, though. You don’t want them to spoil the surprise.

You can be even sneakier if you enlist the help of your own friends.

If you have a buddy who is also planning on proposing or wants to buy his partner some nice jewelry, have your girlfriend help him at the jewelry store. She can model jewelry, including rings, and your friend can report back with the accurate ring size.

Another option is to persuade the jeweler to help you out. Bring your girlfriend to a jewelry store to look at different kinds of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets. Maybe you tell her to find something for her birthday or Christmas.

As you’re looking, have the jeweler pull out a tray of rings to try on “just for fun.” You and your girlfriend can make a joke of it and have a laugh, and you can learn the right ring size.

Ask Her

You may not be worried about the proposal being a surprise for your girlfriend. Maybe you’ve talked about getting engaged for a while and have already decided together when you want it to happen.

If you’re at a complete loss and worried about buying the wrong size, you can just ask what your girlfriend’s ring size is.

Or, maybe you send her a link like this one so she can start checking out rings herself: https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/collections/stackable-rings.

This is especially beneficial if you want to buy a ring that is difficult to resize. It might be the perfect ring, but it won’t be perfect if it doesn’t fit correctly.

Resizing Rings

However, you don’t always have to worry about finding out a ring size that perfectly fits. If the ring you want to buy can easily be resized, buy a size that’s a little bigger so that there is room to resize it smaller.

An important note is that buying a too-small ring is a more complicated situation. Adding more material to a ring is a bit more difficult than taking material off a ring to make the band smaller.

If you’re not sure if a certain ring is able to be resized, discuss your options with your jeweler prior to buying the ring. Again, some rings may not have the flexibility to be resized at all, so you’ll want to know that before committing to a specific style.

How to Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

You’ve already accomplished the most complicated task: finding your partner for life. Now, you have to find the perfect ring for the perfect woman. Trust that you know who she is and what she likes, and you’ll find the best ring for her.

Learning how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size is all part of the process. There’s no need to stress too much about it. Everything will work out, and you’ll still get to propose to the girl you love.

For more inspiration on shopping for jewelry and finding the best outfit for the big day, head over to our page and find the best advice.

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