How to Hire a Personal Stylist?


Internet always rules whether it is about getting any advice or suggestion. But there are times we do not understand what should be done with those suggestions, especially for fashion. Hence, here is when you should consider hiring a personal stylist who will be your ultimate planner. There are many ways by which you can get a good stylist. You can also seek help from style boxes, in-store stylists, or independent stylists to get yourself updated with fashion.

What do they do?

As personal stylists, they have some goals to meet. They normally

  • Help their clients feel their best
  • Help them spend their style budget very wisely
  • Help them bring together their look
  • Be a good listener and listen to what their clients have to say
  • Solve their problems and help them reach solutions faster

What to look for in them?

Personal styling is a very individualized experience and this needs to be aligned depending on the personality of the client. Here are some ways by which you can understand if they are a good choice for you:

  • Preview their work through the content they are posting. Follow their blogs and social media handles and understand how they work.
  • Read through their reviews. Listen to what their previous clients have to say about them and their work. If you feel excited after reading them, go ahead and plan a meeting.
  • Check if they are updated about the trends and if they change their styles dynamically. You do not want to work with someone who just has the same thing to offer always.

Find a stylist who listens well

You need to work with someone who cares about you and who is there to listen to your requirements. Your needs can be unique and specific and without understanding them, they can never deliver the desired results. Your budget or the colors can be a constraint and the stylist must know these thoroughly. A good stylist will never argue and force you to wear things that you are not comfortable with or which does not align with your style. You can also book free consultations with them before finally hiring them.

Find a stylist whose style matches yours

You cannot work with someone who has their fashion goals inclined just opposite of what you have. You can understand this through research and if you are not satisfied, you can move ahead.

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