How to Stay Away from Scams While Shopping Online?


With the emergence of online store, cases of fraud and cyber thefts have also increased. Just like there are legitimate sites on the internet, there are fake sites too that dupe customer. A lot of people have been through such issues. Therefore, being careful is the only way to prevent yourself from getting scammed online. When shopping online, you must take some precautionary measures that would help you stay safe:

  • Go through the site’s return policies 

Customers are always forbidden to buy anything from any random site on the internet. If you haven’t heard of that site before, it’s better to avoid shopping from that site. Even if you do, always check the site’s customer policies and rules. If it says, non-refundable or non-returnable, don’t proceed any further.

  • Check if the site is secure

How do understand if the site is secure? If you see the web address bar contains a small padlock to its left, it means the connection is secure. If you are at a site that doesn’t have that sign, it means your information is at the risk of getting stolen. Never enter any confidential data on such sites.

  • Always go through the customer reviews of the sites 

See what customers have to say about the site. Customer reviews are an efficient way to know about the quality of services the site provides. So, go through them and decide accordingly.

  • Look for contact information 

Every legitimate site must provide its customers with contact details. See if there’s any customer support number on that site. Any reputed online store will try to establish clear communication between customers.

  • See what payment options are available 

If the site only accepts orders if they are prepaid, never order anything from that site. Chances are it’s a fake site. Therefore, while online clothes shopping, if you are to pay before the delivery of the product; always pay it to trusted online sites.

These are small but important ways of protecting yourself from being scammed. The internet is a fun place if proper precautionary measures are taken. If you don’t want to fall prey to online hackers and criminals, stay alert.

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