Make Your Eyes Pop when It’s the Only Feature You can Show Off

You don’t realize the importance of a well-coordinated look until you’re heading out the door and covering half of your face with protective gear. Sadly, this is what the world has come to these days. But as rough as it is on your makeup look, it’s still better than the alternative, which is going out without any kind of personal protection.

Fortunately, you can still show off your personality even if you have to do it with half a face of makeup. Here’s how:

Go Easy on the Lipstick

In fact, go for gloss or a lip balm. These will not be seen after you’ve worn your face mask, so they can be on the lighter or even colorless side. Should you skip them altogether? You’ll still know you’re not wearing a complete look, and that might ruin it for you. If you’re not concerned about that, however, at least put on a balm to keep your lips moisturized. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink water, then reapply your lip balm before readjusting your protective mask.

Be Bold on Your Eyeshadow

Scared of wearing sparkly shades? Now is the perfect time to try it out. Emeralds, golds, and reds? Go for it. These may not be the regular everyday look you’re used to, but these are not regular days we’re facing. Now more than ever, we need fun things to uplift our mood and if you can do that by wearing festive makeup, so be it. There are some YouTube beauty gurus who specialize in using cosmetic products online for the most festive, if not over-the-top, looks that you can try at least once a week just to lift your spirits.

Define those Brows

Aside from your eyes, your brows can also take centerstage now that your pretty pout is hidden by a mask. Your brows need special attention to keep every hair in place, but if you’re too busy to pluck the errant hairs one at a time, just use your concealer to hide them and define the arch of your brows. This is a nifty time-saving trick that you can use when the growth is too short to be noticeable. If the growth is long enough, however, just accept it as part of your look. After all, overgrown brows are coming back in style.

Wear Complementing Colors

False Eyelashes in Canada bold your eyeshadow colors will have more impact if your clothes also go with them. Thankfully, there is no restriction on what colors you can and can’t wear when you head out. Even if you’re just at home and trying to practice on your makeup skills, make sure the outfits you wear match your makeup so that you give the impression that you’ve thought everything through. When you take the selfies and post them, everyone will say you’re dressed to impress.

Take all the chances you have to practice your makeup looks with or without a face mask involved. The more comfortable you are to experiment with your looks, the better. And you don’t have to risk getting infected by an illness just to look best.

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