Must-Have Spring Fashion Accessories When Riding Your Piaggio Scooter


Do you own a Piaggio scooter that you rely on to commute with? Do you spend a fair amount of time on your scooter and would love to find a way to look a bit more fashionable when touring around? Just because you’re on the scooter, doesn’t mean you can’t be making a fashion statement at the same time, which makes these must-have spring fashion accessories all the more important. Let’s take a look.

Your Helmet Is the First Accessory People Notice

If you tend to reach for your helmet begrudgingly, knowing that it keeps you safe but doesn’t exactly look great, it’s time to think again. Today you can find all kinds of fashionable helmets that meet the strictest of safety standards

Make sure you look at the fit, determine whether it meets safety guidelines, and see what inner protection is offered. The visor can be both practical and fashionable, especially if you get a dark tint. Opt for a fit that is low profile and more streamlined if you like the sleek and modern look that is trending right now.

High-Quality Oversized Sunglasses – Ultra Stylish and Smart

If you purchase a helmet that doesn’t have a built-in visor then you have another opportunity to embrace a fashionable accessory. Sunglasses can pull together any look and in terms of your scooter, they will also protect your eyes as you’re zipping around. 

You need a pair that fits well and won’t slide down your face, as you don’t want to be messing with them, and ideally, they should be oversized for maximum protection. Wraparound sunglasses are another option that will make a fashion statement and do a great job of fully protecting your eyes.

To ensure your vision is sharp you’ll want to purchase polarised lenses. These also help to cut down on glare, which can be distracting while driving.

Protect Your Hands and Show Off Your Personality

Gloves are another accessory that offers safety use and can be fashionable all at once. Rather than basic black, look for a pair that offers a pop of colour. It can be that unexpected item in your outfit and will look great against the typically dark-coloured handlebars of your scooter. Make sure they fit well and can be tightened so they don’t fall off. They should also have a little padding or thickness to offer protection, and they must be water resistant.

Is It Time for a Scooter Upgrade?

Of course, nothing goes better with your new fashion accessories than a brand-new electric Piaggio. With technology always advancing you may want to check out the latest 100% electric models that come with a variety of must-have features. You can browse options at a dealer such as bmgscooters.com. As you shop for the ideal model be sure to compare such things as the battery power, motor, range, maximum speed and tyres.

These fashionable accessories will have you looking great yet will also do a great job at keeping you safe and comfortable.

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