My Experience With Personalized Baby Gifts In Singapore 


The beauty about staying unmarried in your late 20s is you get to see your friends and families tie the knot in prison called marriage, and of course, godmothered the babies they pop. I don’t want to be that regular auntie. I always wanted to be that cool auntie, so I assumed the role with pure enthusiasm. I started by buying my godchildren personalized baby gifts in Singapore.

Why I like personalised gift sets

There is nothing wrong with buying a premade newborn gift set. They are convenient, affordable, and accessible. The stuff in these sets is useful for the parents and babies. But if I want to be that cool auntie, I start building a connection with the kids and parents. For me, I could connect to them by giving personalised newborn gifts.

With personalised gifts, I can decide which item I should include in newborn gift baskets in Singapore. Thankfully, Pineapple!, a baby gift shop, has the option to customise some baby gift baskets.

Creating my personalised newborn gifts

First, I chose the perfect container for my gift. I chose a basket since it can fit eight items, unlike the box: which can only accommodate six.

Then I picked stuff that would be useful for the parent and baby. I selected two cute cotton rompers, one has pineapple designs and the other has watermelons. I also included bibs and a swaddle. These things are essential when my godchild eats and travels outdoors with their parents. Most importantly, they are not just bibs, towels, and swaddles. They are embroidered! I asked Pineapple! to embroider my godchild’s initials.

And, of course, when you travel with a baby, you must keep them entertained, right? Even though I am not a mother, I still have maternal instincts. So I added a rattle toy and a teether. I learned that rattle toys are good for child development since it helps stimulate the baby’s senses. And to prevent babies from biting anyone or themselves, teethers can be used as a buffer, so I put them in the newborn gift set. Lastly, I added an educational puppet book, which the parents can use to entertain and calm a whining baby.

A gift like no other

 I am sure the parents would appreciate whatever gift I give my grandchild, whether it be a premade newborn gift set or a personalised one.

But what I want to achieve is to give my godchild something I thought deeply about. Something I know that they can use today or in the future as they grow much bigger. I also want a personal connection with my godchild, and I think that is what my gifts set me apart from others.

The verdict

I am very much happy that my godchild loved the gift. Although the only words he can speak now is ‘ah’, I can deduce from his gurgling that he loves the pineapple and watermelon rompers I gave, plus the embroidered bib.

If you want to know where I personalised my newborn gifts in Singapore, visit Pineapple! Pineapple has pre-made and personalised newborn gifts available. Visit Pineapple today.

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