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Jeans are a prime staple for men’s wardrobe. They are easy to pair with anything like shirts, t-shirts, jackets and blazers. Jeans for men are ideal for all your events, be it work or parties. They come in various styles and fits. Different fits of men’s jeans are meant for different body types. So, size does not matter when it comes to jeans for men. Here are a few styling tips for wearing anti-slim jeans, bootcut jeans, regular-fit jeans and slim-fit jeans for men.

Slim-fit jeans for men:

Slim-fit jeans work best for men with toned legs. They have been the leading trend for a few years now. Slim-fit jeans give you a chic look for dates and parties. You can also wear them to work.

Wear black slim-fit jeans with a black shirt and white blazer for a nice and sharp office look. Wear them with brown shoes to add to the charm. For a casual stroll around the corner, go for ripped slim-fit jeans with casual t-shirts and hoodies. If you are at the beach, wear blue slim-fit jeans with a teal polo t-shirt to resemble the sea.

Bootcut jeans for men:

Bootcut jeans for men are back with a bang! They were first introduced to us in 1970. The high waists and flared bottoms of the bootcut remind us of the 80’s pop mania in music and dance. Bootcut jeans for men are loved till date for they never fail to give you a distinctive look.

Bootcut jeans for men look great on all body types. They are extremely flattering and stylish. To style bootcut jeans right, always opt for skin-tight t-shirts. You can pair them with printed shirts and black leather jackets to reflect your wild persona.

Anti-fit jeans for men:


Do not confuse anti-fit jeans with loose-fit or oversized jeans. The term anti-fit refers to the straight-lined cut of the jeans. Anti-fit jeans do not aim to sit closely on your buttocks. So, they are not meant to showcase your perfect body shape. Anti-fit jeans are much more breezy and comfortable as compared to slim-fit and skinny jeans. Wear light blue washed anti-fit jeans with a black t-shirt. Style them with a pair of nice sneakers and a black denim jacket to be snazzy.

Regular-fit jeans for men:

Regular-fit jeans are meant to be used regularly. They may not look flattering but are extremely comfortable to wear. Regular-fit jeans are the perfect set of bottoms that men prefer to put on for their daily chores. The fit of these jeans lies between slim-fit jeans and baggy jeans.

Choose regular-fit jeans if you like to remain low-key. They are exclusively plain and basic in feature. Regular-fit jeans are ideal to have a relaxed vibe after a day’s work. These uniquely adapted jeans cater to your relaxed mood. Wear regular-fit jeans with your favourite plaid to binge and relax.

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