Stray Light In Photography. How Can You Control It


In today’s article, I explain what stray light is and how you can master it. We will focus on how to avoid it because although you may not always want to do it before moving to edit with, you must learn how to do it. So you can be the one to decide what appears in your photo and when.

How To Avoid Stray Light?

Keep Optics Clean

One of the reasons why flares or flares become more evident is that the lens has traces of dust, grease, scratches, etc. Keeping your lenses clean and in perfect condition will help prevent stray light from spoiling your photo.

Avoid Wide Angle And Telephoto Lenses

These types of optics are more likely to receive stray light. If you don’t care about using one lens or another and you have the possibility, avoid it to keep stray light at bay.

Avoid Filters

We know that filters have their advantages and offer very interesting aspects. However, adding a filter to your optics and leaving that space between the filter and the lens is like putting the red carpet in stray light so that it shimmers through your photo.

Use Quality Objectives

Another way to eliminate flares and other effects caused by stray light that annoy you is to use the highest quality lens you have. The poorer the quality of the optics, the better chance you have that the effects of stray light will show up.

Use A Parasol

If putting a filter is to protect the lens from scratches and bumps, I have to tell you that there is something more effective and that, in addition, it will help you to stop the stray light. It is a parasol.

Beware Of Flash And Backgrounds

While in the studio with white backgrounds and a flash, stray light may also appear to march the portrait or whatever you want to photograph.

If this is your case, move your subject away from the background and try not to get too close to the flash. It is also a good idea to eliminate lights that are not illuminating the subject or that are not needed, and that in the light backgrounds you only illuminate the area that will appear in the frame.

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