The Best Guide when Buying Wedding Bands


Wedding bands signify love and commitment between a married couple. They represent eternity. Wedding bands are available in different setting styles, metals, and metal colors. Also, you can buy them with or without diamonds or gemstones. When picking a wedding band that perfectly expresses your personal style, it is important to explore your options. Use this guide to help you pick the right band:

Kinds of Wedding Bands

The majority of wedding bands today are made of precious metal such as gold, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Every material has its pros and cons. Yellow gold is the purest color and the easiest to maintain. Also, it is the most hypoallergenic. However, it has to be polished and cleaned regularly. White gold is durable and scratch-resistant. And while rose gold is quite durable and more affordable than other wedding band materials, it is not hypoallergenic. Meanwhile, platinum is more durable than white gold and hypoallergenic. But, it is more expensive than other materials and tends to get scratched and dull over time.

Wedding Band Styles

There are different types of Anouk Jewelry wedding bands you can choose from. Female wedding bands usually complement the engagement ring and can be bought together as a set. You can also buy a wedding band that is intricate and full of diamonds or as simple as a white gold band. 

Wedding bands range in setting from pave to prong to bezel. Even eternity bands are often bought as wedding rings. If you want to pair the band to pair with the engagement ring, ensure the style and metal match. 

Moreover, male wedding bands are simpler in style. Their materials are commonly white gold, yellow gold, titanium, and tungsten. You can choose a festive band such as a herringbone band or a classic band such as a comfort fit band.

Diamonds and Gems

If you don’t want a plain band, you can choose to have it set with a variety of stones including diamond.  If you prefer the band to have stones, your choice is about your taste. The most popular are white diamonds but you can also choose color diamonds or contrasting gemstones like a layer of amethysts or sapphires beneath a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring. The number of diamonds and the specialty details is up to you. You can opt for extra sparkle on the band or keep the attention on the engagement ring. 

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