The Celebrities and the Hair Cuts

The bob cut arrived at the beginning of the last century to stay. It was in France in 1909 that the Polish hairdresser Antonie came up with the brilliant idea of ​​creating a jaw-length haircut that has evolved over the years into other lengths.

The long bob  or lob , with a length that almost reaches the chest , is the haircut that is most often used by famous celebrities such as Sara Carbonero, as it is the most comfortable to maintain.  The shoulder grab lob and the blunt bob is the most casual version of the bob hairstyle, weathered and short, as Olivia Wilde wears it.

We know, taking the step of cutting your hair is a bit scary. “What if it does not fit?” is the question we all ask ourselves. But when we take a risk it is worth it because if there is no doubt there is that when the bob comes into your life, it will do it forever.

Why Are You Going To Fall For A Bob Haircut

Because it is perfect for all ages . It all suits us, in fact, the bob cut is one of those that take away years and instantly rejuvenate you with the scissors.

Because it is comfortable at any time of the year . It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot, the bob cut adapts to spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Because you can reinvent yourself . When you get bored, it can evolve to a new haircut with long, short layers, bangs, without it …

Because there are countless bob hairstyles . With a lot of volume in the 90s style, smooth plank like Kim Kardashian or curly like top model Ana Arto.

That there are no excuses that you will not get fed up with the bob cut.

The bob cut with volume by Inma Cuesta

Tired of her long curly hair, one day Inma Cuesta decided to cut her hair . She was perked up with curly bangs cut first and then went on to a bob hairstyle with volume and parting to the side.

Jessica Chastain’s wave bob

For the classic beauty of Jessica Chastain, reminiscent of old Hollywood, the bob cut is in  her favor. The first time we saw him was on Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary at New York Fashion Week. And her hairstyle made an impact.

Selena Gomez’s bob haircut

Striped in the middle, waves and with a length at the height of the jaw, the Selena Gomez bob haircut is perfect if you do not want to be very aware of the length or fix it every day.

Ana Arto And Her Crazy Bob Cut

The Spanish top model, who has paraded for Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta, has made her bob haircut with curls and bangs her hallmark . With a length to the jaw , Ana Arto has managed to find the hairstyle that best suits her.

Mila Kunis’ risky bob cut

Together before the 2018 Billboard Awards, Mila Kunis made a big change to her hair and moved on to bob cut with very short bangs. Since then we have always seen him combed with waves, like the day he premiered a look by the stylist Chad Wood.

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