The Do’s And Don’t’s: Things To Remember For New Watch Collectors


As watch collectors, there are things that we don’t really know about watches. Most of the time, we just keep them in their cases, especially when not in use. However, we might just help you learn more on the do’s and don’t’s of a watch, watch repairs, and watch servicing. That way, you get to learn more about what to do with your growing collection of vintage, luxury, and ordinary watches.

Do: Always take your watch for watch servicing

One of the things that you need to remember is watch servicing. Watch servicing helps maintain your watches in pristine conditions. Watches need to be maintained every 4 to 5 years, depending on the usage. Your watchmaker will open, disassemble, polish and clean your watches from debris. Aside from that, they make sure to polish it. That way, it still looks good even after daily usage. Watch servicing can be expensive, especially for luxury and vintage watches. But your watches are still a good investment, thus the price of watch servicing is not as expensive as buying a new watch.

Don’t: Do DIY watch repairs

Many professional watchmakers always advise their clients and other watch enthusiasts to do watch repairs. DIY watch repairs may cause more damage to your watches. You should consider getting vintage and luxury watch repairs, and even ordinary watch repairs in the hands of a professional watchmaker. That way, you can still use their watch after the watch repair is done.

Do: Find a Credible Watchmaker

When you want to have to do vintage watch repairs on your vintage watch, then go for a professional. A professional watchmaker knows the ins and outs of vintage watches. Remember, vintage watches are a lot trickier compared to the other kinds of watches in the market. you should get a professional; that way, they can fix and replace the missing pieces that ordinary watchmakers haven’t seen before.

If you are a watch lover then always take care of your watch by following and do’s and donot’s list of ours. Branded watches like Daniel Heckmann, should be taken care of so that you are looking super rich and many of your friends will appreciate you for the expensive watch.

Don’t: opt for an easy option

Another thing that you need to remember is not to get just a simple watch repair. Remember, not all professionals can fix your watch. You should invest in finding a good and credible professional than get an easy fix on your watch. Remember, some watches are worth thousands after a few years.

Do: Get a watch winder

If you are using an automatic watch, make sure to have its winder maintained as well. If you don’t use your automatic watches regularly, there is a strong possibility some of the oils dry out after four to five days. You should get a watch winder to help maintain your automatic watches even when they are not in use.


Now that you have some of the do’s and don’t’s of watch repairs and maintenance. You should use some of these tips to help maintain your watches in the long run. Who knows, these tips might help you maintain better.

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