The gemstone born from the stars- Moissanite rings


Are you aware of the incredible invention of the French scientist, who won a noble prize in Chemistry? Yes! You guessed it correctly. It was Henri Mossain, who dived in the corners of the earth and brought up one of the most beautiful and priceless mineral- moissanite. When he discovered this flawless mineral in the year 1893, he was in the thought that it was diamond. However, later he found that it was a pure Silicon carbide, which is way different than diamond. According to him, these crystals of shiny silicon carbide were from a meteorite that fell in the heart of Arizona. Though there is no such proven fact of its origin, it is highly rare and in insane demand in the recent market. Naturally, occurring moissanite is too little to get hold of. Thus it is nearly prohibited to carve out jewelry out of it. Thus, the invention traveled a long way, along with science, technology, and art. What resulted from this extensive analysis and research of several years was incredible in its way- laboratory-made moissanite. You can never distinguish them in bare eyes if you are not a specialist in gems and stones. This laboratory-made moissanite has taken over a great space in the fields of creativity and is now one of the most demanded minerals for celebrating occasions.

Moissanite engagement rings are the latest addition to the fashion world, where you can make a good memory with these extraordinary rings and that too by paying much less than other high-end mineral rings. After countless years of engineering, trials, and errors, what finally took birth was among the scintillating gemstone on the planet. Moissanite rings are an excellent choice for special occasions and can come handy in an affordable price range. The moissanite engineered in the laboratories can give you a visual illusion of the equal shine and luster like that of a diamond. However, in terms of durability, composition, and price, both these gems differ a lot. So, be it your wedding, engagement, anniversary, or any memorable event of life, you can surely pick up a brilliant moissanite ring without hurting your pocket much. It is more than just a ring; it can keep your beloved allured for a lifetime. Moissanite rings are gaining global recognition and appreciation with incomparable designs and artistry, mainly because it has some unbeatable qualities. The most enticing of them is the price variation, and then comes the texture, brilliance, durability, and shine. In the later section of this article, we will discuss all of these in detail.

So, if you are looking for a flattering option from the collection of moissanite engagement rings, you can surely pamper yourself and also your partner with some unending designs and shapes of this enigmatic mineral. No matter what the design is, the shape, or the texture, you are sure to fall in love with all the qualities of moissanite rings that are readily available in different jewelry stores.

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How different are moissanite rings? Are they better than a diamond? 

Diamond has always been a scintillating gemstone for everyone. Many of us cannot afford the most exclusive quality of diamonds many times due to high-end price tags and budgetary issues. Here is where moissanite can play a splendid role. Where a 1.0 carat of GIA certified diamond costs around an estimated price of $10,000 or more, classic moissanite can fetch you the equal pleasure in just $449. Isn’t that unbelievable? This can be an unbeatable deal if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to diamonds. Thus among all other excellent attributes of moissanite rings, the price factor counts the highest and makes it a perfect choice.

Moreover, moissanite rings are no less durable than diamonds. The harder the stone is, the lesser than chances of surface scratches. Where a diamond scores 10 in the Mohs scale, moissanite scores 9.5. This value is quite high compared to other available gemstones on the planet. Thus, durability can never be a point of regret when you are buying a moissanite ring. Scratching is also highly avoidable in these rings. Moreover, according to scientists, moissanite contains a more significant amount of silicone that gives a surface you can expect the least dirt and dust to accumulate. So wearing moissanite rings can be easy and comfortable.

Due to a different faceting pattern, moissanite gives you a varying pattern of shine hat is unbeatable. It creates a fiery and rainbow design when it captures light and is thus loved by such a vast population. The bigger the moissanite stone, the brighter it gets. These stones are generally tagged as colorless. However, moissanite can give out a slightly yellowish to grey coloration, unlike diamonds. Colorless variety of moissanite is also available, but they may cost more. The best part of moissanite rings is that they are an innovative addition in the market, and people who love experimenting with something new will love this invention. You can also consider these rings as an eco-conscious category of a gemstone, as it hardly required mining. Moissanite is now lab-designed, and the demand for this fantastic stone increases ore with the growing popularity.

Be it white gold or platinum or the regular yellow gold; you can wrap your favorite shape moissanite in them and gift your beloved ones in their special days. It is more in demand for weddings or engagement. You can get hold of the perfect moissanite engagement ring from various jewelry outlets around you. However, you must be extremely careful about the stone quality while buying. This can avoid duplicity issues and contamination, in case you are not well acquainted with the quality of the gemstone. Moissanite engagement rings can pep up the entire occasion and create a memory that is worth remembering.

Moreover, you do not have to worry much about the budget factors. You can quickly get along with the different affordable price ranges and allure your partner on special days. Make your days shine brighter with the best collection of moissanite rings.

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