Top 10 Latest Jordan Shoes Collections in 2021


Something you might feel different about Jordan’s 2021 shoe collection. The 2021 release of Jordan has brought new spins over classic colorways retros that dominate the hype often. Additionally, collaborations have led the way to enhance the popularity of new styles.

Best Jordan shoe collections in 2021

Do you want to know the best Jordan shoes UAE collections in 2021? Let’s have a look at the best Jordan shoes UAE below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

Low Luka Doncic

This is a player exclusive Jordan 35 low debuted shoe collection by Luka Doncic is memorable footwear. This on-court Jordan shoes UAE sell out immediately due to being right player shoes with the right colorway. In short, Low Luka Doncic is a Jordan shoe collection created for proven performance and can stand tall.

Cool Grey Air Jordan 3

Even though the Cool Gray Jordan collection has minimal relevance to the playing days of Michael Jordan. These shoes have become a coveted addition to the Air Jordan 3 shoe collection pretty quickly.

Air Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere

A-Ma Maniere has come up with a design that’s both wearable and intricate. The low-key design of these Nike Jordan shoes collections is instantly recognizable. While the shoes get their true premium feel from quilted lining and standard elephant premium.

Air Jordan 1 High Trophy room

Overall, Trophy room Nike Jordan shoes are great. These shoes are the best execution of the real storyline of the Jordan family. While the frozen sparkle treatment on its upper side gives these shoes a unique touch.

British Khahi

Slight design cue flips and earthy tones are making sense for the latest versions of Travis Scott shoes. Even more, the material of these shoes is also plush. While utility-Esque bag at its ankle collar is giving it popularity.

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For multiple hardcore collectors of air Jordan, nothing is more coveted than player exclusives. However, this Air Jordan collection is noted for its amazingly limited nature and special markings by certain players. For many people, it is a formidable alternative.

Raging Bull

This red Raging Bull is the boldest rendition of the 5th signature sneakers of MJ. Even though these aren’t the easiest look to pull off, always. However, the excitement surrounding this beloved return earns this a high spot in the Jordan shoes collections in 2021.

Neutral Gray

It seems like the Jordan 1 release stream is never-ending soon. Neutral Gray is one of Jordan’s demanding shoes collections that enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for. Even though the high-top is making them resemble more with what you would find on the shelves in the 80s. However, the wearability of these shoes makes them a must-have in your wardrobe.


Carmine’s perfect retro remains elusive. This original has returned with Nike Air branding at its back. The improved Carmine version is being loved by people a lot.

High University Blue

This Jordan shoes UAE is everywhere on Instagram and tiktok. It is not only easy to wear but also comes up in a stylish colorway. Overall, the popularity of these Jordan shoes is undeniable.

Before, heading to any Jordan online store, it’s imperative to know the best Jordan shoes collections in 2021. So, finding the right option can become easier for you on any Jordan online store.

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