Why should cotton sweatshirts be a part of your wardrobe

Cotton sweatshirts which were used extensively in the 1990s are making a comeback now. You could indeed make a fashion statement by wearing one today. The reason for the comeback can be attributed to several reasons. However, the most acceptable reasons are that they are very comfortable to wear apart from being stylish.

About cotton sweatshirts

This refers to the slightly heavier sweatshirts that are made of 100%cotton. Cotton is a safe material to wear. Clothing created with cotton is soft and usually stretches and moves with your body. This is what makes it a comfortable material to wear for a long time, even if it is throughout the day. 100% cotton sweatshirts are hypoallergenic, and it lacks toxins like terephthalic acid, which is a part of synthetic fibres. 

Benefits of wearing cotton sweatshirts

Better breathability– Wearing cotton is the best option to beat the heat of the hot summer day. Bid goodbye too synthetic fibre that makes you sweat and pool your chest, back, and armpit region making it uncomfortable for you to have the clothes on. However, with a cotton sweatshirt, there is no compromise on breathability. You can be assured that the sweat and moisture evaporate quickly. This means it would keep you cool. Likewise, in winter, when you wear cotton sweatshirts or hoodies, it would ensure that your body does not overheat like when you use synthetic blend fabric. This means that you would be comfortable wearing cotton sweatshirts whatever the climatic condition might be.

Hypoallergenic nature– Cotton is a material that is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is especially the best clothing material that is ideal for use if you have a sensitive skin. It is indeed the only option that would be available for people who are allergic to blended materials. You can be assured that cotton material and therefore, the cotton sweatshirt would not irritate the skin.

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Durability-  You may be worried about the durability of the cotton sweatshirt because is soft and whether it would be able to withstand wash in a laundry machine. Despite being soft cotton is durable and it retains its shape well even after several washes.

Easy maintenance– You would already be aware that cotton sweatshirts last long, making them a cost-effective option because they do not stretch or go out of shape or stretch like those made of other blended fabrics. You can get the cotton sweatshirt washed in your machine by setting the laundry machine on delicate when you wash. After that, you might not even need to iron it.

Does not have odours– While it is possible to have bothersome odours in your clothing made of other materials which include blends and even leather, the cotton sweatshirts can be stored without fear of odours emanating from it whether it is stored in the wardrobe for a long time or while you are out wearing it and moving around as well.

No issue of static shock– Clothes that cling to you in hot and dry conditions can cause static shocks. However, cotton sweatshirts won’t cling annoyingly to you, nor does it conduct electricity. Therefore, you can wear it without worries whatever the season might be.

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Despite the many benefits that have been mentioned above, cotton is the best clothing material that you can opt for if you are an eco-conscious person. This is because it is a biodegradable fabric that is renewable. Cotton is the winner, and it is time you load your wardrobe with these cool stuff that can help you make a fashion statement with a bang.

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